Empowering the Armed Forces: Where REAL Agents Join Forces to Serve
Real estate agents play a vital role in supporting the military community as they navigate the complex process of buying or selling a home. That’s why Real created a Military-driven division—to organize and better equip our military-experienced agents in their mission to serve this elite class of customer. Real’s structure in concert with its strategic partners affords Real agents a power force offering agents a diverse list of available programs and benefits, as well as connect them with relevant professionals who can assist with their their every need. Additionally, Real Military division agents are best-placed to provide that extra level of support our military community deserves given most of the Real agents have lived the military life first-hand in some capacity. The diverse experience among Real Military division agents fosters a natural connection and understanding with the tangible and intangible effects military and Veteran families experience with a military move and leveraging their military benefits in real estate. Real agents play a significant role in helping them achieve their housing goals and supporting their efforts to secure their financial futures.

Elevating Thousands and Beyond: Our Unwavering Commitment

Join the Movement: Embrace a Purposeful Journey.
Join our troop of patriotic agents with a heart for serving the military
Unleash Your Service Spirit: Answer the Call
Real is looking for service-minded and experienced agents who are looking to:
Forge a Powerful Referral Network
Thrive with Personalized Agent Coaching & Training
Pioneer Military Incentive Programs
Our Military division is here to serve the military and their families across North America. We are here to provide expert guidance for home buying and selling, from agents that understand your story and unique challenges.
Enabling the Dream: Supporting Our Service Members with the Keys to Home Ownership
Who is called to serve?
Real’s Military Division is not limited to Veterans; rather, it is for all those committed to serving our military community and their families. We are looking for those who can be described in one or more of the following ways:
  1. A first degree military connection (Active, Veterans, Spouses, Dependents)
  2. A business that is catered towards the military community
  3. A passionate patriot
All Real agents in good standing with a current real estate license are invited to apply. Membership will be determined by a committee that reviews applicants and manages the process. Additionally, there are opportunities for leadership roles within the division.
Special VA Loan Program
Whether refinance or purchase, our Mortgage arm, One Real Mortgage will reimburse your appraisal fee for your VA Loan. No questions asked.
Veteran Home Ownership Education and Resources
Current BAH Rates
Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is based on your pay grade, dependency status and the location of your duty station. It is intended to provide money to cover your housing and related costs in the civilian market when government quarters are not provided.
Veteran Affairs Locations
There are Veteran Affairs locations throughout your state. Use the link below to find a VA location or in-network community provider that is local to you.
Benefits Guide
Learn everything your state has to offer for Veteran benefits with this guide. You may be entitled to these benefits under any state or federal laws or regulations. Don't let them go to waste! Use the link to access your state's Department of Veterans' Services.