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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Real work? Dropdown Close

Real is simple. With the goal of making our agents' lives better, we provide our agents with everything they need to be successful through the use of innovative technology. Using the Real app, agents are instantly connected to listings in their area, lead management, marketing, and a supportive community of hundreds of agents locally and nationally. Real also provides a 24/7 support staff and broker assistance to assist in closings, or answer any questions you may have. Work in your own home, on your own time, with a full staff behind you.

Why choose Real? Dropdown Close

  • You can continue doing business the old fashion way, or you can embrace technology and independence, and join Real, one of the fastest growing technology-powered real estate brokerages in the country.
  • While brokerages of the past require a large portion of your commission, fees, and other various commitments, Real provides a larger commission split (85% - 15%, with the ability to earn 100% for the remainder of the year after reaching an annual cap)
  • Through an innovative app, Real is able to provide its agents with a freedom never before offered in real estate. Real gives agents the power to grow their own brand, make their own schedules, and work from anywhere, anytime. The app itself gives agents access to transaction documents, marketing materials, a CRM, the latest listings, 24/7 real-time support, and even the ability to build a beautiful, custom website in less than one minute.

I want to join Real, what's next? Dropdown Close

Once you decide to become a Real agent, simply fill out your information here You will then e-sign our independent contractor agreement, once you resign from your brokerage, we will assist in your license transfer. Then download the app and get started, provide your credit card information and start a new, more tech-powered and independent phase of your career with Real.

I am a broker - can I still join Real? Dropdown Close

Yes, if you are a broker, you can still join Real. In fact, we have a program that allows you as a broker to transition yourself and your team to Real, and still make a profit from your agent's sales. Interested? E-mail

What will it cost me to join? Dropdown Close

You can choose from one of our two low-cost plans here.

What is the commission split on a transaction? Dropdown Close

We believe you should keep as much of your commission to yourself as possible. We keep 15% of the commission, while you get 85%. Additionally, once you reach your annual cap ($100,000 in gross commissions on the $40/month plan or $50,000 on the $100/month) you keep 100% of your commision for the remaining time in your 12 month period, which starts when you pick a plan. In addition, your E&O is on us.

When do I get paid? Dropdown Close

Provided you have submitted all transaction documents, you will be paid directly at closing by getting a CDA, or you will be paid on the same day we receive the commission check from escrow. You will be paid as an independent contractor, and will be issued a form 1099 at the end of the year.

Is there any minimum sales volume I should commit to? Dropdown Close

While, there is no minimum sales volume, Real will provide you the best tools for making as much money as you can.

What type of license do I need? Dropdown Close

A valid CA, CO, DC, DE, FL, GA, IA, IL, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, MO, NC, NJ, NM, NY, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA, WV real estate salesperson (agent) or broker license is required. Your license has to be in good standing, and you should have no claims filed against you.

Do you provide office space? Can I work from home? Dropdown Close

We believe the industry is becoming digital, and spending money on offices is unnecessary. We allow you to enjoy the a highly reduced operational cost.If you have a scanner, printer, fax/Efax and pc/laptop – you are all set. We also recommend using a smart phone for increased effectiveness of your work. Real allows you to work from virtually anywhere!

What if I need urgent support or assistance? Dropdown Close

Through our innovative app, Real agents have 24/7 access to our support team via chat. Our brokers are also available around the clock for urgent questions. Additionally, our app features a community chat feature, where Real agents can speak with each other, as well as share tips and advice.

Who negotiates the commission/fee with my clients? Dropdown Close

You do. They are your clients and your deals. Feel free to negotiate what is best for you

Do you provide training? Dropdown Close

Real offers weekly training sessions via conference calls. Our app also features a flourishing community of Real agents who are constantly working together to share listings and buyers/sellers, along with best practice tips.

Are you a member of any board of REALTORS? Dropdown Close

Yes, we are members of many boards. Upon joining Real, you will also be required to be a member of your local board.

What is your E&O insurance coverage? Do I pay for it? Dropdown Close

Real covers the cost of E&O insurance, which covers every transaction you do with a coverage amount of no less than $1M per occurrence.

How soon can I start working with Real? Dropdown Close

You can start working with us as soon as we approve your application and complete your broker change process and receive your credit card information.

How do I earn 100% commission? Dropdown Close

You have two options. If you sign up for the $40/month plan, for the first $100,000 in total commissions, you earn 85% split. After that, you earn 100% split per 12-month period, with only the monthly fee. If you sign up for the $100/month plan, for the first $50,000 in total commissions, you earn 85% split. After that, you earn 100% split per 12-month period, with only the monthly fee.

What is included in the monthly subscription? Dropdown Close

Personal app, E&O insurance coverage, Phone/email/chat support, CRM, CMA reports, Dotloop account, Contract review, Marketing library, Business card template, CDA service, Community access, Conference calls participation, Video/tutorials, and Success management (expert help on marketing optimization).

How do I select my plan and enter my payment information? Dropdown Close

After your license is transferred, you will receive notifications by e-mail, prompting you to pick a plan and enter payment information.

Can I switch my plan? Dropdown Close

Yes, you can switch your plan at any time. However, when you do, your GCI total gets reset.

How long do I have to reach the cap? Dropdown Close

Caps are on a 12 month period.