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Our mission is simple:

Always find ways to make agents’ lives better.

Idea Our idea

What if there was a real estate revolution that put agents first?

In 2014, a team of real estate professionals, technologists and venture capitalists joined forces to spark this revolution by creating Real, a technology-powered, full-service brokerage. Real was developed with one essential mission: Always Find Ways to Make Agents’ Lives Better!

Difference Our difference

What if the brokerage was powered by a digital platform that freed agents?

Our co-founder and CEO, Tamir Poleg, understands the limitations of the brokerage/agent relationship firsthand. As an industry veteran, he knows this model has become obsolete.

In the past, brokerages offered agents “value” by providing brand recognition, access to listings, a desk and a fax machine, and paper marketing tools like business cards, letterhead, and yard signs, while measuring their success in agent sales.

Real, the brokerage of tomorrow, uses technology to provide agents with the tools, marketing materials, contracts, platforms, technology, lead management, listings, and support they need through a fast, intuitive, technology-driven platform.

Impact Our impact

What if agents could build their own brand and live a life they love?

While Real’s technology grants our agents the ability work from anywhere, any time, our true difference lies in the way we treat our agents, and our redefinition of success.

By marrying industry leading technology, with an agent-centric approach that disposes of archaic industry standards, Real has become one of the fastest growing technology driven brokerage in the United States.